About us

We’ve been building unique digital products, platforms, and experiences for the past 6 years.

eMan Informatics is a cut in the nitche for herself in the development of Software Solutions in Nigeria

Our national operational and performance standards translate the corporate values into specific management expectations.

Over the years, eMan Informatics has been playing her part in ensuring great compliance in ICT Usage among Nigerians. A lots of successes has been recorded in Governance, Administration, Commerce, Health and Education sectors.
eMan Informatics in her vision to making Nigeria great with an adequate use of ICT has gone through series of researches and discovered that many values are missing in the education sector in Nigeria. This includes effective communication, efficiency and limited supply of knowledge. This has helped us in the development of several eHealth, eCommerce, the famous SchoolWeb system etc.

Details are the key for perfection

We mix all detailed things together