School Web is a new software that enhances learning for students, solve administrative problems for schools and bridge the educational gap for parents ...

School Web is an Education Management Information System (EMIS) plays an important role in developing appropriate plans, strategies and policies for improving the education system.

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eMan Informatics

eMan Informatics is cut in the niche for herself in the provisioning of Responsive Web design, Software Development, Digital Marketing, Structured LAN Cabling, Enterprise Networking, ICT Training and Consulting.


We notice that there exist a technology development laxity in Nigeria and there still exist more room for every establishment to improve and increase the internally generated revenue with the help of our numerous services. We are always available to serve you better..


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Our Services

Our vision is to become the leading IT firm in improving the socioeconomic standard of the country
through the following services

Mobile App (ioS) Development

Over 600,000 applications now available in Apple's App Store, application. Will you still wait to join the movement?

Mobile App (Andriod) Development

Andriod app are developed for 3 reasons: (1) Fame (2) Fortune (3) Fame and Fortune. Your purpose will determine your choice

Desktop and Web App Development

Software adaptation brings transparency. Get more efficiency and income with software adaptation.

Digital Marketing

Spreading the good news and update of the organization is essential in due season

ICT Training$Consulting

Everybody wants to be relevant. The enviroment is only condusive for IT Literacy. We are always ready for IT consultation.

Research/Assignment Assistance

We are available for academic project/assignment assistance, industrial research and market feasibility study.

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